About PPPC

The Pulp and Paper Products Council (PPPC) consists of North American, European, and global industry associations representing producers of market pulp, printing & writing papers, and newsprint, and is the industry reference and primary source of market information for these sectors.

Based in Montreal, with offices in Brussels and Beijing, PPPC serves an international membership that includes every major pulp and paper producer globally as well as supporting suppliers, end-users, governmental agencies, and financial institutions through subscriptions to our reports and services.


Producers of market pulp, printing & writing papers, and newsprint are eligible to join one or more of the associations under PPPC as determined by the grades produced and geographical location of your operations.

In addition to becoming part of the largest global community of pulp and paper producers, PPPC membership includes access to an array of monthly reports, supply & demand forecasts, database access, and staff support. PPPC provides members with the most accurate and timely set of statistics available, while ensuring they have the analysis, insights and support to extract the greatest value from the information provided. Members also benefit from access to macroeconomic and sectoral market analysis provided by Numera Analytics.

Please contact us for further details on how to become a member.

Monthly Reports and Forecasts

Keep up to date with the latest market developments as well as regularly updated supply & demand projections.

Meetings and Private Presentations

Gain additional economic and market insights from PPPC's team of market analysts and economists.

Online Database and Staff Support

The industry's largest market and economic database enables your own research, aided by PPPC's exceptional staff support.

Numera Analytics

To complete your market intelligence needs, Numera Analytics offers macroeconomic and sectoral analysis as well as custom research.


PPPC monthly reports and forecasts are available through annual subscriptions, tailored packages, or complete services by sector that can also include database access and staff support.

Collecting and aggregating data directly from the mills allows PPPC to provide unparalleled levels of detail and accuracy. Exclusively available through PPPC, the Global 100 data series account for 100% of global supply and demand for each market. Regional and sub-sector reports are also available. See below for a full list of the reports available covering the market pulp, printing & writing, and newsprint sectors. Please contact us for sample reports and pricing options.

Coverage of the corrugated packaging, boxboard, tissue and hygiene, dissolving pulp and viscose, recovered fiber markets, as well as macroeconomic services, are also available through Numera Analytics.

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